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Yesterday began a bit late, around 10:30-11. I've been the one waking up the earliest for some reason, so I end up wandering around the apartment, looking out from the balcony over the city... =/ It's a very nice view as we are up on the 14th floor & on E 25th St, a few blocks away from the Empire State Building.

Yesterday was Andii's audition for Avex so naturally as with all my friends, I played the "stage mother" role, badgering hr most the day about being ready LOL. XD I helped pick out her outfit which I'm kind of happy that I did... The dress she got, while very pretty & a good complimenting shade, had a waaaaaaay too long hemline for her short frame. =/ That kind of sucked, but luckily she had a backup shirt & pants that looked fab. ^ ^

The origional plan for the day was to:

1. Get my hurr did
2. Get our nails done
3. Get my eyebrows threaded (I looked like friggin' MatsuJun at the moment. UGH D: )
4. Chill at the Public Library

aaaaaand, only one of those happened! >XDDD Which was fine with me b/c Andii needed food after my hair got finished (that HAD to happen... the salon is closed Sundays) & we'd have all day Sunday.

BTW, I burned my ear on the pins in my hair under the hooded dryer. now there's a funky bandage there. FUN TIMES! :DDD

We ate at Pax, which is really healthy grab-n-go food. You have the option to eat there also as there was a 2nd floor of tables but most people just left with their purchases... we stayed though. She had chicken soup & I had this awesome turkey pressed pita sandwich-thingy with lettuce, turkey bacon, normal turkey, cheese, & salsa inside. It was AMAZING & only 600 calories for the whole thing! It's a big sandwich, so you'll only eat half (300 cal)... unless you're a heifer I suppose. >___>; After that was the Sephora in Time Square, which was BIG, but not as huge as the 2-floor one near the Met Museum. Lots us guys worked there too, which weirded me out for a few seconds 'til I realized what city I was in again. >.>; I bought some new foundation (Clinique), concealer (Smashbox!!), & mascara with needs to go back... the tube I grabbed was misplaced 7 is not at ALL what I need -___-;

As we made our way out the door, the rain hit =.=;; Luckily I brought my hat that fit all of my hair up in it & Andii's hair was humid proof thanks to hairspray ha ha! We stopped at the ESPN bar for their bathroom, then Duane Reade (the equivalent to CVS only better & larger), & out the subway station in Time Square

Let me take this chance to warn all of you - If you need to know where to go on the subway but are too much of a lazy ass to figure it out on the map... just... just read the fucking map. Don't bother asking the guy in the booth because that jackass will send you on the fucking EXPRESS train & not the local because even HE doesn't know where to go. Nothing will piss you off more that sitting on the train you THINK will get you there, only to see it & 2 other stops pass you by. ):< Getting off & running up flights of stairs to the next plat for is a pain in the ass.


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We headed back to meet Elle at the wine bar (she had to work yesterday). the wine was ok, but their food was GREAT! I had the best home made Tiramisu ever! Kind of sad that it came from a place who's specialty is wine LOL.

After that: Elle's place & bed. We didn't get in until midnight. =/


I couldn't stay asleep all night & I woke up at 6:45 am... in time for the NY sunrise! ^__^;

Today is supposed to be party cloudy, unlike the rest of the days before which was RAIN, RAIN, RAINISM (HAHAHAHA, I MADE A BI JOKE!! ... sorry to those who don't get that lol). The high though: 50 degrees =.=; I hate being from Florida...

Today is my audition, so wish me luck!!!!
MIYAKE :: Glasses

NYC DAY 1 + 2!!

Hello everyone~ I am currently in New York at gimmick_game's friend Elle's apartment. (: I meant to post yesterday, but we were both so tired & busy that we passed out as soon as we got in. x__x

The plane ride there was extremely bumpy due to the storms near NC. Andii got sick but I ended up ok surprisingly lol. After we landed we got the first view of JFK with was huuuge! I have pictures, but I'm going to make a separate post for all my pictures of the trip near the last day, probably after my audition Sunday evening. We took the train from the airport to Jamaica station then to Penn without an issue, but it was raining & cold so waiting out on the platforms were NOT fun. =/

I'd like to take this opportunity to say that hailing a taxi here is a PAIN. IN. THE. ASS. 6 taxis ignored us after we told them where we were going... it was fucking ridiculous. D: We eventually got one to take us to Elle's place. She's really awesome & nice! We have a lot in common with vintage, history, James Bond (more on this later...), ect. Our first order of business was the Lord & Taylor xmas window unveiling. It was a pretty good trek & by the time we got there the crowd was a good size. The Santa Claus heading the activities was waaaaaay too excited & LOUD. o__o The cast from the Broadway production of White Christmas came & sang with was great. They sounded awesome live & I wish they had done more than 1 song. After that came some random school choir, which while they were cute, they were hoooorrible. -_-; We proptly left, figuring we will see them later on during our stay.

From there we ventured to Kinokuniya, a large Japanese book store. They carried a lot of Japanese magazines, books, & CDs (they have DBSK's Mirotic single CD+DVD!!!) but the star of the whole thing was the cafe. The strawberry shortcake they make is to die for <333 I didn't get anything, but Andii got last month's Lemon issue with Ninomiya Kazunari & Nishikido Ryo on the cover.

From there, we split with Elle because she had class. The two of us wandered our way into Times Square somehow. For some reason, it didn't look as amazing as I thought it would be... I guess cameras make it look a bit more exciting. =/ I did see the Toys R Us store that had a giant ferris wheel in the center XD We also saw people peddling off cheap goods & guys trying to get us to go to their comedy shows >_>; Not happening. We stopped by a cafe next to the MTV (LOL) studio for hot chocolate b/c it started raining & getting colder. =/ From there we went to the ice rink in Bryant Park, but it was too rainy for us to go & skate... safely XD

We met up with Elle after her class & had shao long bao (i think that's how it's spelled XD) just like the ones Arashi had on their Asia tour. >XDDD They're steamed dumplings with soup broth & pork in them. After that, we safely made it back home where I promptly passed out haha. All the walking & lack of sleep didn't help my state...

Today began a bit late (around 10:30). The new James Bond movie Quantum of Solace came out today, so we decided to catch the early showing so we could get the cheap ticket prices. XD I will never complain about tickets in Orlando ever again... after noon, the tickets here are $12! Luckily, we got the 11:15 showing with was only $6. (: Elle paid for us, which I definitely owe her even though she didn't say for us to pay her back ^ ^;; On the movie: FUCKING AWESOME! I don't want to give anything away, but just go see it. It's worth your money. :D

After that we ventured to have authentic okonomiyaki & takoyaki for lunch! The place we went to was awesome~ it's a little hole in the wall, but they definitely have a big following from what we could tell... there were a lot of people going in & out of there. I had my okonomiyaki with beef & it was great but I would've liked the beef to have been in smaller pieces. =/ Takoyaki tasted great! Who would've guessed I'd like octopus in dough ^ ^; Next to that place was a restaurant that was all chocolate (with a small normal menu). I had chocolate toffee bananas with cream, biscotti, & cappuccino. It was a bit overpriced, but veeeeery, very good!

We rested at Elle's after all the walking (ugh). My legs hurt a tad, but I'm too excited to let it get to me!

Around 4:30 we decided to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I love love love it! There was so much cultural & historical exhibits there to see that I could stay there for hours. <333 The most amazing things were the replications of a Ming Dynasty courtyard, an Egyptian tomb, Egyptian courtyard, & Indian ceilings. I have toooons of pics, but like I said... those will come in one big post later! >XD

And now... we are back debating what to make for dinner... well, I'm here typing, & Elle & Andii are debating on what to eat LOL. Tomorrow is Andii's audition, so it will be officially beauty day! I'll take pics of our beautifications as well. ^ ^

More to come tomorrow~ See ya!!

- Carolie