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Fic :: 恋のシグナル

WHY, HELLO THERE! Long time, eh? XD

I am indeed alive!.... Not that any of you even noticed I was gone lol. I've been a busy busy lady in the loooooong gap between my last post and this one.... That and when I did have time, I kinda forgot to post here... *cough* (> >;)

ANYWHO! I'll post an updatey type post later. This is for a certain person (ohnaganoes ) who on Tumblr requested me to post a V6 fic that I had written. I chose this one out of the two I wrote because she and I share the same OTP. :3 She asked for me to write her something as well, but uh... that might take a while. XD;;;

Now, before we get into this, let me go ahead and say this:

I have not written a fic since like.... my cray cray Hanson phase... which was 1997-1998 (though I'm still a fan! XD;;). Writing was never my strong point in school either unless it was a nonfictional assignment or analysis of an author's work (then I could probably own your asses. TRUST.). My writing has no structure and is abstract as fuck. There's also probably a spelling error in there somewhere that I happened to miss. I have no doubt it reads weird, so if you don't like it:


: 恋のシグナル
PAIRING: Okada/Ken
AUTHOR: Me, obvs
RATING: Err... G/PG? I dunno how those uptight bitches at the MPAA rate movies anymore.
NOTES 'N SHIT: Takes place during the Feel your breeze PV filming. Remember that hiiiiigh radio tower platform they were on (that Sakamoto probably almost pissed himself having to stand up on no doubt lol)? Yeah, this is where it takes place on in case you can't tell... It's also the reason I chose that song for the title. How fucking clever am I? >:P

2001 - Filming

“Aaah, someone else has the same idea as me!”


Okada looked behind him to see middle Kamisen member’s face poking up through the platform’s floor entrance. The whole band had been filming on top of this random antenna tower on the other side to town for their next video, and when they were let free for a lunch break, everyone practically raced down from the steel platform…. Sakamoto naturally going first thanks to sheer fear.  Okada thought it was the perfect place to get away, as his usually odd thought process concluded. So after grabbing his own lunch, he immediately went back to perch on the edge and enjoy silence for a while.


This was obviously not meant to be.


The grin on Ken’s disarmingly cute face was one that Okada at this point couldn’t tell if it filled him with nerves from the possibility of an onslaught of teasing or something else he couldn’t quite place…


Naturally, he went with the defensive former, turning back in front of him to look down at the sandwich in his hand.


“I just wanted to be alone for a while…”


Thudding of shoes against metal could be heard as Ken made his way to the opposing side of the corner of the platform where Okada was sitting. He sat down with his back facing the other’s, feet dangling over the side and pulled his two onigiri out of the plastic wrap the caterers wrapped it in for him.


“Don’t mind me then… I’ll stay quiet so Dekopa will be at peace~”


“… Could you please not call me that?”, Okada grumbled before finally taking a bite of his lunch.


Ken just waved off his complaint, clearly too busy over-stuffing himself with the first third of his lunch to care. Okada just sighed… This was Ken after all. The cute one with a teasing poison tongue who could take things a step too far and rarely apologize to anyone.


Silence settled upon the two as it usually did, with the occasional glace from the younger man in Ken’s direction. He assumed he wasn’t paying attention to him, the look on the other’s face seemingly taking in the clear sky and city scenery against it as he chewed and licked off a piece of rice that would stick to his bottom lip every few bites. The last action for some reason always made him turn away, though he wasn’t sure why himself.


After a while, Okada went back to his sandwich and bottled water, believing that the peace he had wanted was indeed permanent for the remainder of their shared occupancy space. It wasn’t that he didn’t like being around Ken alone. It was quite the opposite. Even though they were both vastly different, he liked the company of both Go and Ken as it alleviated a bit of his awkward feelings around the older staff members… and just in general, he genuinely loved the annoying pair he considered the brothers he never had. The even rarer moments where it was just the two of them, while for some reason making him slightly nervous lately, meant even more to him. Today with the stress of the PV filming though, he just wanted to enjoy the calm. That was until…


“Do you think we’ll be together?”


Okada’s eyes went wide at the sudden question, nearly choking on the water he had just tried to swallow. Thankfully, he didn’t really make a noise to signal his reaction to his blurted inquiry… and even more thankful he wasn’t really choking to death behind an oblivious Ken.


“W-what?”, he asked as he turned to look over at him.


Ken draped his arms, one hand still clutching the second onigiri half-eaten, over the railing. “…In this job, of course. Do you think we’ll be together for a while?”


A raise of his eyebrow, Okada’s “trademark ‘cool’ look for the females” as Inocchi would put it… which happened to be a lie.  “I’m not sure. We don’t have low sales or anything….”


Okada didn’t know where he was going with this or what made his question come about. By now, Ken’s face had turned serious… or to him, more like a philosophical old man. Expression soft and gentle, eyes deep in thought as his mind’s gears turn round and round trying to unravel the meanings of the world and the people in it.


This side of him was one vastly different than what he showed to most people and Okada really loved these moments, despite them always surprising him. It was like he got to see a Ken that was his alone…


After a sip from his bottle of barley tea, he continued on, “I don’t know about the others or you, but… I really love being an idol. Entertaining people, making people smile, bringing them laughter…hope for a brighter future, inspiring them to better themselves, to have more energy, faith, and courage in life, happiness, and love …”, leans back slightly with a sigh, “It may sound arrogant, but I think that I, along with the others, are important to a lot of people in that aspect.”


The frown that usually appeared on Okada’s face when his pessimistic side started to surface. He wasn’t sure why it was… Ken hadn’t said anything ludicrous. Maybe it was his own lingering feelings about wanting to teach… or something else entirely.


“We can’t do this forever though, especially Sakamoto-san, Nagano-san, and Inohara-san. Eventually, our popularity will fade, sale will decrease.. Idols don’t last forever. We-“


“I know!”



The snap of Ken’s response wasn’t angry nor with frustration, but it was enough to make Okada nervous and wish he knew when to *not* talk. 

“I know that…” This time, the words came out in a more apologetic tone accompanied with a small sigh. “Everything eventually comes to an end in some way, but despite all of that... until the time comes,-“ Ken stretched and leaned back to lay out on the floor of the tower. Thanks to where they were sitting, Ken’s head ended up next to Okada’s side. Staring up at the sky, a lopsided smile formed as if the rest of his answer was plainly there, he continued on, “-I want to stay together with V6, Kamisen,... and Okada-kun”


Okada’s head snapped down to him faster than a driver in a car accident at the last part. Had he heard him right? Was he joking? What did he mean by that… and more importantly, why was he himself taking his words so seriously?


Ken finally looked up as him, squinting slightly from the brightness, “We are light for everyone in Japan, right?”


With the sunlight washing over him like that, to Okada, it almost created a halo effect… It would have been something he would have dismissed knowing full well how devilish he really was. But this time, he couldn’t really answer him correctly while staring. The feeling it started to bring up…



The simple word was enough to brighten up his painfully adorable face even more. He beamed up at him, the smile almost as blinding as the “halo” as Okada had decided to dub it.


“Even if things change, I’m sure I’ll be together forever with Okada-kun!”




“Alright, everyone! Break’s up, so let’s regroup for scene briefing!!”


And with that the moment was shattered. Destroyed. The look was gone, falling to a frown. Ken bounced up to his feet at the director’s yell. “Augh, he’s so noisy! Why couldn’t we have a nicer director this time around? Anyway… Come on, Dekopa~ You can finish your food on the way down.” and with a laugh, he started off towards the ladder.


As much as his mind told him to move, he couldn’t. All he could do was stare at the sunlit outline of his band member’s back, wanting so badly to reach out and stop him, and try to grasp the feeling he thinks he has figured out…


He’s in love.

... not sure if I should post this on those other JE fic comms lulz
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