July 21st, 2011

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Fic :: 恋のシグナル

WHY, HELLO THERE! Long time, eh? XD

I am indeed alive!.... Not that any of you even noticed I was gone lol. I've been a busy busy lady in the loooooong gap between my last post and this one.... That and when I did have time, I kinda forgot to post here... *cough* (> >;)

ANYWHO! I'll post an updatey type post later. This is for a certain person (ohnaganoes ) who on Tumblr requested me to post a V6 fic that I had written. I chose this one out of the two I wrote because she and I share the same OTP. :3 She asked for me to write her something as well, but uh... that might take a while. XD;;;

Now, before we get into this, let me go ahead and say this:

I have not written a fic since like.... my cray cray Hanson phase... which was 1997-1998 (though I'm still a fan! XD;;). Writing was never my strong point in school either unless it was a nonfictional assignment or analysis of an author's work (then I could probably own your asses. TRUST.). My writing has no structure and is abstract as fuck. There's also probably a spelling error in there somewhere that I happened to miss. I have no doubt it reads weird, so if you don't like it:


: 恋のシグナル
PAIRING: Okada/Ken
AUTHOR: Me, obvs
RATING: Err... G/PG? I dunno how those uptight bitches at the MPAA rate movies anymore.
NOTES 'N SHIT: Takes place during the Feel your breeze PV filming. Remember that hiiiiigh radio tower platform they were on (that Sakamoto probably almost pissed himself having to stand up on no doubt lol)? Yeah, this is where it takes place on in case you can't tell... It's also the reason I chose that song for the title. How fucking clever am I? >:P

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... not sure if I should post this on those other JE fic comms lulz