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Back Home!

We came back last night around 11 pm. SO glad to be home~ While I loved NYC & Elle was awesome, I just needed to be back home & curled up in my own bed <3

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. We saw the Public Library (it is huuuuuge), ate an NY hot dog which was kinda 'meh', & ate at this organic restaurant in Bryant park that was hella awesome! I wanted to stay in that restaurant forever, but alas... sandwiches only last so long ;__;

I really wanted to go back to the Kino to pick up Mirotic before we left but we had no time *sigh* Guess I'll have to find the LE somewhere else =/

Now, I should be getting ready for work, but I'm so fucking tired. I don't think I'll be able to handle everyone's questions today about the trip -____-;

- Carolie
Tags: new york 2008, real life


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