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This humble fangirl's journal is locked after 6 years of flailing! XD.

To be added, all I ask is for a reason WHY (are we fans of the same j-pop/k-pop group, do we share similar interest, have we met somewhere, hell you can say anything LOL).
Just know that I speak my mind without apology on certain subjects, make fun of the fandoms I love/hate (especially JE & DBSK), get flaily every once in a while, & just all around don't make any sense in some posts. :D :D :D

If you want to see what I like/know more about me, check my profile page. It's not finished, but you can get a general idea... I'll add just about anyone, so just comment to the entry. (:


That's it! I hope we can be good friends. ^_^

P.S. If you're looking for my V6 PIMP POST,
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Fic :: 恋のシグナル

WHY, HELLO THERE! Long time, eh? XD

I am indeed alive!.... Not that any of you even noticed I was gone lol. I've been a busy busy lady in the loooooong gap between my last post and this one.... That and when I did have time, I kinda forgot to post here... *cough* (> >;)

ANYWHO! I'll post an updatey type post later. This is for a certain person (ohnaganoes ) who on Tumblr requested me to post a V6 fic that I had written. I chose this one out of the two I wrote because she and I share the same OTP. :3 She asked for me to write her something as well, but uh... that might take a while. XD;;;

Now, before we get into this, let me go ahead and say this:

I have not written a fic since like.... my cray cray Hanson phase... which was 1997-1998 (though I'm still a fan! XD;;). Writing was never my strong point in school either unless it was a nonfictional assignment or analysis of an author's work (then I could probably own your asses. TRUST.). My writing has no structure and is abstract as fuck. There's also probably a spelling error in there somewhere that I happened to miss. I have no doubt it reads weird, so if you don't like it:


: 恋のシグナル
PAIRING: Okada/Ken
AUTHOR: Me, obvs
RATING: Err... G/PG? I dunno how those uptight bitches at the MPAA rate movies anymore.
NOTES 'N SHIT: Takes place during the Feel your breeze PV filming. Remember that hiiiiigh radio tower platform they were on (that Sakamoto probably almost pissed himself having to stand up on no doubt lol)? Yeah, this is where it takes place on in case you can't tell... It's also the reason I chose that song for the title. How fucking clever am I? >:P

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... not sure if I should post this on those other JE fic comms lulz
MIYAKE :: Alone in Gray


As of today until.... whenever I decide it.... I'll be on a sort of mini hiatus from things.

I don't want to go in to it or use this as an outlet because I don't believe it to be the proper one at the moment... Just know that yesterday probably ranks #2 on my Worst Days I've Ever Had list, #1 being when my father died of course...

I'll still be around somewhat... As for TW RP, I'll try be around as much as I can, but if I'm not there, you both have my permission to do what you want with Kenken and Taichi.

See ya around

- Carolie: not even V6, Arashi, or Hanson can help me right now...
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Jumping on the Bandwagon

Only because the others started doing it... XD

This is for my fellow Twitter RP peeps. I made this with certain songs I liked but I also did it as if Tachi hand picked songs he found synonymous with events & other people. Weird, right? >_>

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REAL post tomorrow... this took too much work. XDDD
V6 :: Party Bus!!

Carolie's V6 Pimp Post!

It's finally done, ladies (and gentlemen. HI kurowkirishima!!!).
It has been a few days in the making but it's here:


I tried to do my best... but I suck at writing, so I apologize if it reads like a list. >__>;
V6 fangirls on my flist: Please let me know if anything is incorrect. I wrote some of this in a daze so I wouldn't be surprised if I messed up somewhere. XD

Alright, enough talk. Are you ready for the osm that is V6?!

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Here we are once again lol. All new stuff this time... but still influenced by my bias. >XD

I was planning on a bigger batch but alas... not enough time so not a lot of variety. :/
Anywho, let's get this party started!!

  • Oguri Shun (1)

  • Super Junior (2)

  • Aiba Masaki (3-6)

  • TOKIO (7-8)

  • Domoto Tsuyoshi (9)

  • Domoto Koichi + Imai Tsubasa (10)

  • Imai Tsubasa (11-16)

  • Inohara Yoshihiko or just Inocchi lol (17-18)

  • Coming Century (19-20)

  • Morita Go (21-23)

  • Okada Junichi (24-28)

  • Miyake Ken (29-40)


Collapse )

This is gonna get x-posted everywhere so apologies ahead of time. m(_ _)m

What to look forward to next time?

- A lot more KinKi & TOKIO. No KAT-TUN or H!S!J. I want my hard drive to be Jin-STD free & I don't want to have a seat.
- Mizushima Hiro FINALLY
- Maybe some Big Bang... I need more pics without those fug watermarks -__-
- Perfume 8D
- I may do more Arashi & DBSK. It just doesn't feel worth it sometimes since everyone & their cousins make tons for them. There will be some, just not like 30+ for an entry
- Bringing in more 20th Century love

As always, I take requests for whatever. Can't guarentee it's going to make you cry from sheer beauty, but I'll do my best XD
That's it! ENJOY!!

- Carolie: is ice cream ok for breakfast??? .... i'm sure it is
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Graphics Post 001

What.... A POST WITH CONTENT?! :O So rare coming from me these days lol.

I slavedworked happily on these all day due to it storming outside. It's been a while since I *really* used Photoshop so my apologies if these suck >.>;
95% are new, the rest I used in the past but never posted them up.

  • Okada Yukiko (1-9)

  • Buddy Holly (10)

  • Michael Jackson (11-12)

  • Arashi (13-21)

  • DBSK (22-27)

  • BIG BANG (28-32)

  • V6 (33-78) mostly MiyaKen lol


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WHEW! That's all of them! Expect more in the coming days (along with gifs & what-not), all thanks to boys_paper *shakes fist*. Also, if you have any requests, let me know & I'll see what I can do! 8D

UGH, I should have been in bed a LONG time ago x__x

- Carolie: Coming Century's 'Hello-Goodbye' mini LP is soooooo fscking good! *adds to CD Japan cart*
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(no subject)

omg my name is Carolie and I have a mutherfuckingawesome layout now thanks to gimmick_game who is the bestest ever.

::EDIT:: As you can see, yes I have a new layout... because if Sho was the local "POLE ACROBAT" of the strip club, I'd totally blow my paycheck for a table dance.

HOLLA~!!! :D
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Back Home!

We came back last night around 11 pm. SO glad to be home~ While I loved NYC & Elle was awesome, I just needed to be back home & curled up in my own bed <3

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. We saw the Public Library (it is huuuuuge), ate an NY hot dog which was kinda 'meh', & ate at this organic restaurant in Bryant park that was hella awesome! I wanted to stay in that restaurant forever, but alas... sandwiches only last so long ;__;

I really wanted to go back to the Kino to pick up Mirotic before we left but we had no time *sigh* Guess I'll have to find the LE somewhere else =/

Now, I should be getting ready for work, but I'm so fucking tired. I don't think I'll be able to handle everyone's questions today about the trip -____-;

- Carolie